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Firstly, our creative team will sit with you and discuss details about your ideas and requirements

  • Initial meeting

    Initially we will start the initial discussion about the project.
  • Gather requirements

    We will gather all details and requirements of your project to understand more about the project.
  • Continuous communication

    After getting contract signed we’re going to communicate continuously.

After having requirements analysis discussion we’ll come up with the best possible solutions for your product.

  • Requirements analysis

    After having initial discussion we will start analysing your requirements.
  • CDesign idea generation

    We will start designing different ideas for your product.
  • Set sprint plan

    After the design is finalized we’ll set sprint plan for the next development process.

Our amazing team of developers will start developing the software according to the plan.

  • Tech stack selection

    What technologies should be used that will be finalized at this stage.
  • Start developing

    At this stage of we will start developing the product according the plans.
  • Following SDLC

    We will follow the SDLC process.

After the product is fully developed we will run different stages of testing to assure the quality of the product.

  • Unit testing

    We will follow agile testing process by doing unit testing.
  • Alpha testing

    After unit testing period we will run alpha testing.
  • Beta testing

    Beta testing will be performed after the requirements are done developing.

After testing phase we will deploy the product into a server.

  • Domain

    We will see the availability of the domain and buy that for your site.
  • Hosting

    We will provide a good hosting for the software to run.
  • Deployment

    Finally, we will full deploy the product.

When the deployment of the product is completed we will discuss further about maintenance support.

  • Maintenance

    We will provide maintenance service for a period of time according to the contract.
  • Support

    We will provide support for the betterment of the product.
  • Discussion about new features

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Innovative Founder

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Hello, I am Ataur Rahman Rafi CEO & FOUNDER.

Ataur Rahman Rafi


Hello, I am Mahabub Alahi

Mahabub Alahi


Frequently Asked Questions

Most common and important answer


- Brogrammerslab is a software development company who develop softwares from scratch to comprehensive product.

We are a team of talented people with both deep knowledge and strong skills in developing softwares. We mainly cooperate with E-commerce, FinTech, SaaS & CRM based clients.

- We use JavaScript, Laravel, Django, REST API, Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js,Next.JS, Node.js, MySQL to build softwares.

We have on board experienced team of designers and QA as well, who take care of appearance and quality of our developed products.

- Well, there are no specific guidelines for that. All you need to do is to describe your requirements thoroughly both for visuals and functionalities so that we can understand and visualize your needs. After that, our development team will explain how we’re going to start and how much time does it need to complete the whole project.

- We follow a way to cooperate with our clients as our standards which is following some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Requirements Ananlysis Meeting
  • Defining needs
  • Project Kick-start
  • Contract signing
  • Development Phase
  • Testing Phase
  • Product Delivery

Building products from scratch is the way we specialize in. It requires extensive knowledge and experience to develop such a product. We help our clients with not only to build a product, but also we advise the best solutions for client’s need. All you need to do is to inform us your requirements and we will get back to you with the best solutions.

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